Safergy Solutions provides emergency and safety management training and consultancy to companies in the Oil & Gas and other Natural Resources industries. We specialise in a range of high-quality Operational Health & Safety services including health & safety audits, worksite inspections, accident investigations and health & safety training, among other services.

Occupational Health & Safety Consultancy

 Safergy Solutions meets with its clients and works closely with them to develop the best Occupational Health & Safety strategies for their business. Set up a meeting with us today and let's talk about how your organisation can take a step above the rest to ensure its compliance with international health and safety standards in the workplace.  

Health and Safety Audits

There's always room for improvement in the health and safety practices in the workplace. Safergy Solutions conducts Health and Safety Audits, which are an effective method for ensuring your organisation's compliance and improving the performance of prevention systems.

Worksite Inspection

Every organisation needs to ensure that its employees are safe and the environment is one which ensures maximum productivity with minimum risk. Safergy Solutions conducts worksite inspections in order to help prevent incidents, injuries and other dangers around the workplace.  


Our method will allow us to:


  • Identify existing and potential hazards

  • Determine underlying causes of hazards

  • Recommend corrective action

  • Monitor steps taken to eliminate hazards or control the risk 

Accident/Incident Investigation

In a high-risk environment, sometimes you can't always prevent accidents from happening. Safergy Solutions can help you to get to the bottom of any accident/incident:  


  • Find out the cause of accidents/incidents and to prevent future occurrences

  • Determine the cost of an accident/incident

  • Determine compliance with applicable regulations (e.g., occupational health and safety, criminal, etc.)

  • Provide technical assistance in helping the organisation to move beyond the accident/incident



Health and Safety Policy Developments

Safergy Solutions works with its clients to develop policies that address the health and safety elements of the organisation, and clearly outline procedures and objectives which make it possible for the organisation to achieve its goal in the protection of its workers at the workplace. Let's meet so that we can draft out your organisation's health and safety policy!

Technical Assistance & Continuous improvements in Health & Safety

Maintaining a safe work environment is an ongoing process. Safergy Solutions ensures that it is always working with its clients to continuously come up with recommendations and solutions on how your organisation can be at its highest standard as it relates to occupational health and safety. 

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